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What/Who is HOPE? 

HOPE is Hawthorn's Organization for Parents and Educators. It is a PTO for all parents/guardians who have students at the school. There are not fees to participate. We work to provide a better learning environment for the students and raise funds to help supplement the state income. Nobody is paid for their positions. It is run strictly off of volunteer hours. We do what we can to give what we can.

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How can I help?

The best ways to find out how you can help is to attend a General HOPE meeting (they are generally held on the first Wednesday of the month at 8:45 am) or go to the HOPE website (hopehappenings.org) and look under the Volunteer tab. There are many things you can do to help at school, after school, or from home.

Can I bring my kids with me to volunteer?

Yes! In many cases children can come with you to help out. This is a school that has a lot of children in it, and we hope that your children will be comfortable being present and learn to follow school rules to the best of their ability while they are here. They are never too young to start learning the rules of respect and we have confidence that everyone will benefit from you coming to help out, even with your young ones.

Where does the fundraising money go to?

Money that HOPE collects from our fundraisers goes back into the school. There are some basic costs in running a fundraiser that must be covered, but HOPE donates money directly to the school to be used at their discretion. Last school year, they bought new computers, increasing the number of mobile computer labs.