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For those who shop on Amazon, you can raise funds for the school by using the link smile.amazon.com. This sends funds back to us, and doesn’t cost extra to use. Make sure your purchase is assigned to HOPE West Jordan, Utah by searching the zip code "84088" and selecting "Hawthorn Academy Organization for Parents and Educators".


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Bubble Run Final Update

posted Apr 30, 2018, 3:35 PM by HOPE Happenings

The Bubble Run & Expo was a huge success!  Thank you to EVERYONE who helped and participated in any way!

Here is some of the final information from the event:

Student Donations & Registrations from both campuses - $8300

Corporate Sponsors & Booths - $3500

Silent Auction - $2800

Other income at the event - $1200

Nearly $16,000 of income overall! 

17 units of life-saving blood for the American Red Cross

4 Food Trucks that all reported great success

Several other fun booths and activities for EVERYONE!

    This was the best year EVER!  After our expenses are covered, that will still leave about $13,000 to donate Hawthorn Academy for technology items!

    Several Prizes were also awarded at both campuses.  Here are the top winners!

    Several Grades earned Popcorn Parties and Game Parties at both campuses

    Leading Grade at West Jordan - 2nd Grade

    Leading Grade at South Jordan - KG

    10 students at West Jordan raised over $100 and earned a prize

    9 students at South Jordan raised over $100 and earned a prize

    Top Overall winners:  2nd Place - Skylar Desmond in 2nd Grade raised $430

                                           1st Place - Abigail Jensen in 1st Grade raised $510


    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions - please let us know!

    Also if you registered for the Bubble Run but were not able to attend, then we have a Fun Run shirt for you!  Contact Stephanie at stephdykstra@live.com

    Fun Run & Expo

    posted Mar 14, 2018, 2:59 PM by HOPE Happenings   [ updated Mar 14, 2018, 3:07 PM ]

    9th Annual Hawthorn Fun Run& Expo
    Friday, April 20, 2018

    Event from 4:30 – 7:30pm with Bubble Run from 5:00pm – 6:30pm
    W Jordan & S Jordan Campuses together for ONE momentous event!

    We need Sponsors & Booths!  Contact your employer & any friends or family that own/manage a business.  Sponsorship is a fabulous method for inexpensive advertising and it helps our school and our community!  If interested in getting more information, click on this link and fill in your contact info.



    Donations:  We need lots of donations too!  Raffle prizes, auction items, race prizes and more!  Gift cards for goods or services are ALWAYS welcome donations.  Tax deductible too!

    Event Coordinators:  contact us anytime!
    Stephanie Dykstra – stephdykstra@live.com or 801-641-6418
    Yvonne Ruiz-Diaz – catirabella96@hotmail.com  or 801-232-3762
    Sheri Sorensen – scaryelf@yahoo.com or 801-674-0685

    HOPE website: www.hopehappenings.org

    Income Statement 07/01/17 - 12/31/17

    posted Jan 31, 2018, 11:50 AM by HOPE Happenings

    Traditional Income Statement
    07/01/2017 to 12/31/2017
    West Jordan Campus
    WJ Back to School Events          1,170.80
    WJ Book Fairs          1,896.87
    WJ Cheer          3,546.47
    WJ Dress Down                     -  
    WJ Fall Carnival        13,148.72
    WJ Family Fun Run          1,411.96
    WJ Hawthorn TShirts & Jackets        15,559.88
    WJ Message Grams             765.50
    WJ Misc admin              357.62
    WJ Misc donations             329.77
    WJ Online & Store Rewards               39.70
    WJ Other Middle School Activ             456.15
    WJ Popcorn Friday             304.25
    WJ Product Collections (box top)               16.00
    WJ Spirit Nights & Events                     -  
    WJ Used Uniforms               22.00
    Total Income $     39,025.69
    WJ Back to School Events               90.00
    WJ Book Fairs             390.00
    WJ Bulletin Board                     -  
    WJ Cheer          3,078.72
    WJ Conference Teacher Dinners             178.41
    WJ Donation          8,000.00
    WJ Fall Carnival          2,174.82
    WJ Family Fun Run                     -  
    WJ Field Day                     -  
    WJ Guided Reading                     -  
    WJ Hawthorn TShirts & Jackets        13,120.00
    WJ HOPE Board               91.52
    WJ HOPE Thank You Lunch                     -  
    WJ Hope Website                     -  
    WJ Inventory & Supplies                     -  
    WJ Message Grams                     -  
    WJ Misc admin                84.50
    WJ Misc donations             218.07
    WJ Other Middle School Activ             298.49
    WJ Overhead - Gavin-Tax Prep                     -  
    WJ Overhead - Vol Coord                     -  
    WJ Popcorn Friday             138.29
    WJ Product Collections (box top)               67.84
    WJ Science Fair                     -  
    WJ Shirts & Name Tags             152.82
    WJ Spirit Nights & Events                     -  
    WJ Teacher Apprec Week                     -  
    WJ Volunteer Hours - Software                     -  
    WJ Volunteer Recognition             166.74
     Total Expense  $     28,250.22
     Net  $     10,775.47

    Fall Carnival -- Silent Auction

    posted Aug 23, 2017, 9:22 AM by HOPE Happenings

    Our BIGGEST money maker each year is the Silent Auction.  We will have many different gift baskets and the ever popular Carpool Fast Passes!  We need to collect donations NOW!  We only accept NEW items, not used or expired.  They are DUE by Tuesday, September 12th.  Please give donations to your teacher or the office.  We need gift cards, trinkets and baskets too!


    Here is a list of themes by grade:

              KG:  Arts & Crafts

              1st Grade:  Birthday Bash!

              2nd Grade:  Outdoor Fun

              3rd Grade:  Backyard BBQ & Picnic

              4th Grade:  Fitness & Spa Day

              5th Grade:  Family Movie & Game Night

              6th Grade:  Handy Man & Car Wash

              MS:  Sports!  Sports!  Sports!


    Questions – Contact Laura at byranholt@msn.com

    Fall Carnival -- Harvest Market & Bake Sale

    posted Aug 23, 2017, 9:19 AM by HOPE Happenings

    Calling all farmers, crafters, canners & bakers!

    Harvest Market & Bake Sale

    *Canned Goods  *Homemade Goodies*

    *Fresh Fruits & Vegetables  *Crafts*

    Help?   Questions?   Comments?   Ideas?

    Contact Ashlei at ashlei.thompson@gmail.com

    HOPE 2017-18 Order/Donation Form

    posted Aug 16, 2017, 8:24 AM by HOPE Happenings

    Please submit all order forms and money to the office by Friday, September 8, 2017.  DO NOT give it to your teachers.  Any questions or comments, please contact Tammi Wright tammi@wrightideas.org OR Cathy Kay cjkay@comcast.net


    posted Dec 5, 2016, 11:28 AM by HOPE Happenings

    For those who shop on Amazon, you can raise funds for the school by using the link smile.amazon.com. This sends funds back to us, and doesn’t cost extra to use. Make sure your purchase is assigned to HOPE West Jordan, Utah by searching the zip code "84088" and selecting "Hawthorn Academy Organization for Parents and Educators".

    Thank you to all who support HOPE fundraisers!!

    posted Dec 5, 2016, 11:27 AM by HOPE Happenings

    You made it possible to donate $5000 to Hawthorn. The money was used to purchase Chrome books for the Elementary students, making more computers available throughout the school

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