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2018-19 Board Nominations

 The HOPE board is looking for a few volunteers to work with next year as President Elect, MS Coordinator Elect and Secretary. Please submit nominations (or if you'd like to "run" -volunteer- for the position) to: hope.wj.hawthorn@gmail.com

All board positions have fun, attend major fundraisers, help with funds, support Coordinator positions, run HOPE's portion of Back to School Night(s), get to know each other, help with Fundraisers and HOPE events, and organize volunteering for the school year.

President- (filled by the previous year's President Elect)- send HOPE communications,  Organize meetings (Board and General), and support volunteers

President Elect- Train under and help President, support volunteers

Middle School Coordinator- (filled by the previous year's MS Coordinator Elect)- Work with Peer Leaders, help run MS activities, and help with Teacher Appreciation for MS

Middle School Coordinator Elect- Train under MS Coordinator, and act as Elementary Room Parent Coordinator

Secretary- Create meeting minutes, send meeting invitations to those on agenda  


Nominations will be voted on at our General HOPE meeting on May 3rd.

Our school thrives on Volunteers, remember that we can't do it without you! Check out our Volunteer Opportunities tab, to see what you can do to make our school AMAZING!

Remember that we ask each family to volunteer 30 hours. These hours lead to much needed grant money to fund our school.


If you have questions, comments or concerns please email



Carpooling help needed? Visit our Carpool Facebook page to get you connected: https://www.facebook.com/groups/139258963466663/

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