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The voting was unanimous. The West Jordan HOPE Board for 2018-19 is:

President: Kelly Noorda

President Elect: Melissa Stout

Middle School Coordinator: Ashlei Thompson

Middle School Coordinator Elect: Trina Roundy

Secretary: Sydney Anderson

Bubble Run Final Update

The Bubble Run & Expo was a huge success!  Thank you to EVERYONE who helped and participated in any way!

Here is some of the final information from the event:

Student Donations & Registrations from both campuses - $8300

Corporate Sponsors & Booths - $3500

Silent Auction - $2800

Other income at the event - $1200

Nearly $16,000 of income overall! 

17 units of life-saving blood for the American Red Cross

4 Food Trucks that all reported great success

Several other fun booths and activities for EVERYONE!

    This was the best year EVER!  After our expenses are covered, that will still leave about $13,000 to donate Hawthorn Academy for technology items!

    Our school thrives on Volunteers, remember that we can't do it without you! Check out our Volunteer Opportunities tab, to see what you can do to make our school AMAZING!

    Remember that we ask each family to volunteer 30 hours. These hours lead to much needed grant money to fund our school.


    If you have questions, comments or concerns please email



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