West Jordan Campus


NEW Sign in procedure:

With the new entrance to our school, and for the safety of our students and teachers, we have a new login procedure. We have a computer by the entrance and you will need to login there and get a printed badge, then the secretaries will buzz you in. If you don't have a help counter account please make one at this site: https://www.helpcounterweb.com/ci/volunteer

Logging in at the school will then be easy and quick. We do ask that you come back and log yourself out after so we can track volunteer hours. Our school gets grant money based on the number of hours volunteered. If the hours aren't recorded we lose out on potential funds.

Need help with Partner programs?

To increase communication Hawthorn Administration has created a link where you can get help with all on-line programs. This link has resources to help with common issues with Canvas, Imagine Learning and Math, Aspire and Clever.

Link: Help Resources for Parents

Our school thrives on Volunteers, remember that we can't do it without you! Check out our Volunteer Opportunities tab, to see what you can do to make our school AMAZING!

Remember that we ask each family to volunteer 30 hours. These hours lead to much needed grant money to help fund our school.

If you have questions, comments or concerns please email hope.wj.hawthorn@gmail.com


Find us on Facebook, click the icon to find our HOPE facebook page.

Or need carpooling help? Visit our Carpool Facebook page to get you connected: https://www.facebook.com/groups/139258963466663/